Types of Network Security

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Luis Cruz

Luis is an IT executive with over 18 years of experience and has a master's degree in Management Information Systems.

Network security is a fundamental concept that is essential to any company using information technology. This lesson lists a few of the common types of network security systems and describes their role on the network.

Network Security

One can think of network security as the countermeasures that are implemented on a network to keep the network and data safe from hackers, fraudsters, criminals, and negligent employees. It is most effective when it is implemented in layers. These layers build up a protective defense against all network threats. The idea is that each layer will cast up a detection and/or prevention net which monitors, identifies, alerts, and stops threats to the network.

How Network Security is Implemented

Network security can be delivered in three ways. These include the use of a hardware appliance, software, or a cloud service.

Hardware Appliance

Hardware appliances are special servers or network equipment that perform a specific network security function. They can be installed on the network out of the direct path of network traffic (out-of-line), but they are most commonly installed in the direct line of network traffic (in-line). When appliances are in-line, they can stop security threats, instead of just monitoring and alerting you about them.


Special network security software can be installed on servers or PCs to enable network protection functions.

As a Service (Cloud-based)

Some network security functions can be outsourced to a third-party provider. This type of network security is provided to your company as a service and is often called a cloud service. While the concept of a cloud service may be abstract to some, the basic idea is that Internet traffic that arrives to your network is redirected to a cloud service that will inspect it and eliminate threats before the safe traffic makes it back to your network.

Types of Network Security

There are many types of network security available. We will now go through a list of security options you can use. The first of these is:

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