Types & Purposes of Manuals

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

Watch this video lesson to learn about the many different kinds of manuals you can expect to come across at work. You will see that you have manuals for doing various tasks and you have manuals that you give to customers.

What Is a Manual?

This is your first day at work at a company that makes cell phones. Your supervisor Ricky is showing you around. He shows you all the different work areas. He tells you that each work area has its own manual. A manual is an instruction book. It can be short, or it can be long depending on how complicated the task is. Ricky tells you that it's important for you to know the different kinds of manuals because you will need to work with each one of them eventually.

Policy Manuals

The very first manual that Ricky shows you is the company policy manual. This is a manual that covers the policies of the company. It is in this manual that you will find out how the company operates and how the company handles different things. You will also learn what things the company allows and what things the company doesn't allow, along with what you can and cannot do at work. If the company has a dress code, it will also be found in its policy manual. Ricky tells you to read this manual from front to back because you could lose your job if you don't follow all the policies written in it.

Operations Manuals

The next manual that Ricky shows you is the operations manual. This is a manual that describes how the company does its business. Ricky says this manual is a good read as well. By reading this manual, you will know how the company makes money, how it comes up with new ideas, and all the legal issues that the company needs to worry about. The manual will also tell you who gets the copyright for new ideas and products. You also see that it says that new ideas and products become the property of the company. This means that employees give up copyright ownership of any ideas and products they come up with for the company.

Owner's Manuals

Ricky now shows you a selection of the company's most popular cell phones. He shows you that each cell phone comes with its very own owner's manual. This is an instruction manual that tells the consumer how to operate their device. You flip through one of these owner's manuals and see directions for setting up the cell phone, directions for using the various apps that come pre-installed on the cell phone, directions for connecting the cell phone to the computer, and other things. Ricky says you should be familiar with these owner's manuals because you might get a phone call from a customer asking how to work a certain feature of their cell phones.

Service Manuals

Next, Ricky takes you to the service area of the company. It is here that the customers send their broken cell phones to be fixed. Ricky shows you the service manuals that the technicians follow. These are manuals that describe how to maintain and repair the item. There is a service manual for each cell phone.

The service manuals are surprisingly thick. This is because it contains repair and maintenance instructions for every part of the cell phone. The company's cell phones are pretty complicated. They come with a tiny computer chip, so the cell phone is almost like a mini computer. The cell phone also has two cameras, one in the front and one in the back. The camera also has a microphone and speakers. All of these components have specific repair and maintenance instructions.

Training Manuals

Leaving the service area of the company, Ricky takes you to the office area of the company. It is here that the CEO and other board members get together to discuss important business matters. It is also here that the company holds training events for its employees and orientation for new employees.

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