Ukraine Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Diane Sieverson

Diane has taught all subjects at the elementary level, was the principal of a K-8 private school and has a master's degree in Measurement and Evaluation.

Many countries make up the continent of Europe, and Ukraine is one of them. Come learn about Ukraine, how big it is, where you can find it on the map, what kind of food its residents like to eat, and some other neat facts about this country.

Where is Ukraine?

Imagine sailing down a river that flows through a very old city. The water is calm and you notice the long bridges that are lit up. There are modern buildings mixed in with old buildings that have green roofs and glittery gold domes. Although you don't understand the language, you are enjoying your adventure in Ukraine!

Ukraine (pronounced you-CRANE) is the second biggest country in Europe. It shares borders with several countries, including a long stretch with Russia. It also has part of its coast on the Black Sea. It would fit inside Alaska about 2 ½ times!

Map of Ukraine
Map of Ukraine

People from Ukraine and nearby countries like to go to the beaches on the Black Sea for vacations, just like some people go the beaches in the U.S to play and relax.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev (pronounced KEY-ehv). There is a large river called the Dnieper (pronounced KNEE-per) River that runs through this big capital city as it travels through the middle of Ukraine. The river helps the country make electricity and you can even take a cruise on it all the way down to the Black Sea!

Kiev with a view of the Dnieper River
Kiev with a view of the Dnieper River

Life in Ukraine

If you want a snack, you'll have to exchange your coins and dollar bills for hryvnia (pronounced RIV-knee-uh) since that is the kind of money used in Ukraine.

Ukrainian flag
Ukrainian flag

Although people speak other European languages, you would probably still need a translator because Ukrainian and Russian are the most common languages spoken in Ukraine.

In 1986 in Ukraine, a terrible nuclear accident happened at a nuclear plant called Chernobyl (pronounced cher-NO-bull). Radiation polluted a lot of land around it and scientists don't think the area will be absolutely safe for about 20,000 years.

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