Under The Same Moon Discussion Questions

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

'Under the Same Moon' is a 2008 movie by director Patricia Riggen about a boy who crosses the border illegally to find his mother. This asset contains student discussion questions about this film.

'Under the Same Moon'

Patricia Riggen's 'Under the Same Moon' (also called La Misma Luna} is a dramatic film about Carlitos, a Mexican boy, who makes the dangerous journey across the southern United States border in search of his mother after the death of his grandmother. Students will examine immigration issues from the perspective of undocumented people as they view this film. The following questions support secondary student discussions about this movie.


  • Why do you think Rosario chose to leave Carlitos in Mexico? Do you think she regrets this decision? Justify your answer. Do you think Rosario made the right decision? Explain your answer.
  • Compare the Los Angeles setting where Rosario lives to the Mexican village where Carlitos lives. How does Rosario's decision to go to the United States impact her family? How does this decision impact Rosario? Which of Carlitos needs does Rosario fulfill? What do you think Carlitos most needs from Rosario? Why?
  • Who is Manuel? What motivates Manuel's interactions with Carlitos? How do you know? How does Carlitos feel about Manuel? Why? How does the relationship between Manuel and Carlitos influence Carlitos decisions?
  • How do the immigration laws in the United States affect Rosario? What are your ideas for immigration reform in the U.S.? Justify your opinion. What can you do to influence immigration legislation?

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