Understanding Diverse Learning Needs

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  • 0:04 Student Diversity
  • 0:37 Learning About Your Students
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Derek Hughes
Students each have unique skills, abilities, and needs that need to be addressed. This lesson will explain several ways students can be different from one another and how you can tailor your instruction to address their needs.

Student Diversity

As your students enter the classroom, they bring with them a unique background, set of skills, and educational needs. No two students learn the same because of these traits. Diversity in the classroom does not just refer to cultural diversity but also refers to diversity in skills, knowledge, and needs. It is important to understand these attributes in order to effectively teach your students.

This lesson will share how you can learn about your students and what to do after you've got the information you need to understand each student's needs.

Learning About Your Students

The most important thing you can do to help educate your students is to learn as much about them as possible. You can achieve this in a wide variety of ways, either by spending time talking to the students, giving them questionnaires to fill out, or engaging them in activities that reveal information about them.

Using a combination of all the above methods can help give you a clear picture of what each student needs and how they learn best. For example, talking to students can give you a clear picture of their verbal skills and personality. A questionnaire can target specific information about the student and help you learn about their interests and passions. Different icebreaker activities can allow you to observe students socializing so you can learn how they act in groups.

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