Uniform Cross Section: Meaning & Examples

Instructor: Emily Hume

Emily is a Reading Specialist and Literacy coach in a public elementary school with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

You may not have heard of something called a uniform cross section, but you probably have several things in your house that might have one. In this lesson, you'll learn the definition of a uniform cross section and how to spot an example.

Uniform Cross Sections

Imagine yourself at a basketball game. Each member of the same team has the same uniform. Did you know they are called uniforms because they are identical, or exactly the same? The word uniform means identical, whether you're talking about clothes at a basketball game or shapes in math.

What is a Cross Section?

Halftime is here and you're starving, so you head to the concession stand to buy a hot dog. Mom says you have to share with your little brother and sister, so you toss the bun to your brother and slice a piece of the hot dog off for your sister. What shape is the end of that piece? It's a circle. You just discovered a cross section! When you slice straight through an object to reveal the shape on the inside, it's called a cross section.

Hot Dog Cross Section
Hot Dog Cross Section

What is a Uniform Cross Section?

Now you know that 'uniform' means the same, and a cross section is the shape found when you slice straight through an object. So what's a uniform cross section? It's when you slice straight down through an object or a 3-D figure, and the shape on the inside matches the bases or ends of the object in terms of size and shape. Take a look at these uniform cross sections found in a cube and cylinder.

Uniform Cross Section of a Cube and Cylinder
Uniform Cross Section of Cube and Cylinder

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