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  • 0:04 Uniformed Services Positions
  • 0:56 In the Hotel Lobby
  • 2:06 Getting to the Hotel
  • 2:57 Enjoying the Hotel Visit
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Kat Kadian-Baumeyer

Kat has taught college Management and Hospitality Management and has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and Management

Uniformed services in a hotel are the staff members who perform essential duties that add to the guest experience. This lesson will highlight key aspects of guest services, such as baggage handling, valet parking, and dinner reservations.

Uniformed Services Positions

When Jack and Sally arrive at the Pelican Bay Resort, the first person they meet is Harry, the door person. What Jack and Sally will remember most from their experience at the Pelican Bay is Harry's charming smile and enthusiasm as he opens the door for the couple throughout their stay.

You see, Harry is part of the uniformed services personnel at the Pelican Bay. The uniformed services personnel add value to the resort experience by providing various personalized services for guests.

There are several uniformed services positions at a hotel:

  • Door person
  • Bell attendant
  • Valet
  • Transportation driver
  • Concierge

Each of these positions provides a unique opportunity for the hotel to ensure the guests enjoy an unforgettable experience.

In the Hotel Lobby

Harry, the door person, does an exceptional job at being the first face of the hotel. He opens the door and greets guests as they enter, and wishes them well when they leave. He opens the door for thousands of people every week.

The door person does more than just open the door. This staffer has the responsibility of delivering luggage and bags from the guest's vehicle or taxi to the door of the hotel. The door attendant also assists with hailing taxis and keeping traffic problems away from the hotel's front entrance. From the moment a guest arrives, an efficient door person lets them know they will be pampered.

Once Harry delivers the bags to the door, he passes the luggage off to the bell attendant. The bell attendant delivers the guests' baggage from the lobby to the guestroom. The guests never have to handle their luggage. Other bell person responsibilities include storing guest baggage prior to check-in, maintaining the bell stand area, and keeping luggage carts in order.

Getting to the Hotel

Jack and Sally drove to the Pelican Bay Resort for their vacation. They took advantage of the valet parker to move their car to the parking lot. They pulled up to the hotel, and the valet parking attendant did the rest. The couple feels safe knowing their vehicle is in good hands and safely parked in the hotel garage. Anytime during their stay, Jack and Sally may contact the valet department for access to their car.

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