User Experience Surveys: Questions & Sample

Instructor: Temitayo Odugbesan

Temitayo has 11+ years Industrial Experience in Information Technology and has a master's degree in Computer Science.

In this lesson, we will be looking at what user experience is and what a user experience survey is all about, why it is used, questions asked, and samples used in capturing user experiences.

Definition of User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) is defined as the first-hand encounter or engagement with an object of interest. This object of interest may be humans, technological devices, school activity, or some user interface.

What Is A User Experience Survey?

Spencer is sitting for an external examination hosted by a licensed proctor. The examination hall is built to accommodate as many as five hundred (500) candidates and is judged conducive in all standards.

As part of the agreement reached between the examining body and the licensed proctor, each candidate would fill out and submit a survey before exiting the hall at the end of their examinations.

What Spencer is required to fill out and submit is the user experience survey. The user experience survey is a set of well-structured questions drawn up to capture the conduction of or the after-moments of a user experience session.

Why Is A User Experience Survey Used?

Spencer submitted the survey questionnaire as required, confidentially, and it was packaged together with the examining scripts and sent to the examining body for review.

The question here is: 'What was the survey intended for?'

Surveys such as this are used to capture the candidates' user experiences before, during, and after the examinations they sat for.

Spencer, having had a first-hand encounter with the examination process, satisfied the definition of someone with a user experience. He is obliged to give feedback of his experience to the examination body.

The examination body's intentions of the survey was to capture users' experiences, review them, and be able to deduce from the data collected, how satisfactorily the examination was conducted, which of the examination processes needs to be improved upon, or is adjudged satisfactory.

Steps to Designing A User Experience Survey Questionnaire

In designing a user experience survey, it is of utmost importance that these key requirements are taken into consideration:

  • Clarity

This addresses the need for the questions being simple and straight to the point. There is no need for using words or codes that cannot be readily understood or answered appropriately.

  • Relevance

It is important to know who your target respondents are and how relevant are they to the entire survey process and to purpose of conducting the survey.

  • Flow

The process must start easy, maintaining an engaging but short questioning session, keeping the most important questions at the top of the list.

  • Objectivity

It is important to keep the whole process non-biased and ensure the choices are randomly distributed throughout the session.

  • Look and feel

This ensures that the questionnaire itself is well formatted with clear navigation and directions on what is required. This may be through a dedicated website or paper form.

  • Question structure

This is where most surveys go wrong. They need to define the questions' structure, how they would be responded to, and how the responses would be collated and reviewed.

Sample Survey Questions

Following these requirements, the examination body drew up a list of questions which centered around the various processes leading up to the registration to sit for the examination, up to the moment after the examination booklets were submitted at the end of it.

Sample questions that can be associated with an organization, such as the examination body, are outlined below:

BOLDS Vocational Examination

Please fill out and submit your answers to the questions below before exiting the examination hall. Thank you.

Section A: Before the Examination Day

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