Using Computers to Publish Works

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

Computers provide many different ways to publish articles, newsletters, ads, and even books. Whether it is with software or online publishing companies, there is always something to fit your needs.


Before computers, publishing newsletters and articles were done by hand or at local companies. Creating things personally from home was impossible if you wanted them to look professional. Now there are several different ways to publish works with software or through online publishing companies.

Publishing Software

There are a plethora of different publishing softwares available for Macs and other computers. It depends on what you need to create because different softwares are better for different types of formatting. The following is a selection of different softwares available.

Microsoft Publisher - Microsoft Publisher can help create brochures, newsletters, postcards, or greeting cards. There are pre-made layouts, but you also have the capability to create your own formatting. You can choose your own colors or use the color palettes available. Options within Microsoft Publisher make formatting easy, but it could be more challenging if you have a specific idea in mind. After creating the works you want, you can save them on your system and send them off to others via email or social media. This type of software is not specifically meant for book publishing.

Art Explosion Publisher Pro - This program is a more artsy version of Microsoft Publisher. It is better for bright and colorful creative ads, rather than office oriented publications. It allows for your own personal formatting and it's largely meant for more creative purposes. You can use this software for greeting cards, post cards, newsletters, emails, and brochures.

Adobe InDesign - Adobe InDesign is very technical in how it creates different documents. This software usually takes more usage training because it's not as self explanatory as other programs. The unique aspect of Adobe InDesign is that it can be used to publish books, which is rare for software.

Online Publishing

When you want to self publish fictional or non-fictional books, an online publishing company can assist with this - usually with no outlay of funds from the writer. Self-publishing allows you to have complete control over how many books are sold, editing, licensing, and creative control. However, it also makes you the sole party responsible for marketing and advertising your work. You can use many different types of publishing websites. However, the two below are amongst the most popular.

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