Using CRM to Improve Customer Relations

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

More companies are using customer relationship management (CRM) to improve their customer service. This lesson will describe how using CRM can improve customer relations.

Using CRM to Improve Customer Relations

Your customers are your most important part of your business. Keeping your customers happy is an essential part of a customer service organization. A way to improve your relations with customers can be through using customer relationship management. Customer relationship management (CRM) is way of tracking interactions with a customer. CRM can track purchases, preferences and the history of a customer. This tool can provide many insights into your customers and should be used to improve your customer relations. You can use CRM to build personal connections with your customers, resolve issues quicker, and retain your customers.

Personal Connection

Being able to track your customer's information and preferences can help to build a personal connection. It is especially important if your business has thousands of customers. You need to make each customer feel like they are valued and the most important customer. This is essential to building a personal connection.

Sally is traveling on her birthday to visit her son in another state. After boarding her flight, the flight attendant comes on the radio and announces that they have a birthday on the plane and proceeds to sing Happy Birthday to Sally. Sally was impressed that the company, who has millions of customers, knew it was her birthday. This is a great example of how using CRM information can help build a personal connection with your customer.

Quick Issue Resolution

Using CRM can also help resolve issues quicker. Have you ever called in to a company over the phone because you had an issue with your bill or the product? You tell the first person the issue, and they say you need to be transferred to another department. After being transferred to the next department, you have to explain the issue again. This can be frustrating for the customer, but using CRM can help to resolve issues quicker. If a company uses CRM to record the information before transferring the customer, the issue will not need to be explained again.

Also, tracking issues can help improve customer relations by being aware of past issues. For example, let's say that Sally encountered a problem on her birthday trip at the hotel she was staying at. She did not get the suite she had booked and was upset because it was a special occasion. In the future, Sally stays at the same hotel brand and the representative acknowledged there was an issue on her birthday trip and made sure that her room was the correct one this time. The representative was able to do this by seeing in the CRM system that the issue occurred last time. This prevents future issues from occurring and continues to build on the customer relationship with Sally.

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