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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Reed

Danielle works in digital marketing and advertising. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and an MBA.

This lesson will identify and evaluate popular applications and software that can be used as part of a digital marketing plan. This includes applications and software for social media management, automation, content marketing, and community building.

Digital Marketing Software and Apps

When a business grows, you start to hire more employees. Maybe you need an accountant to keep your books, a lawyer to protect your legal interests, and even a salesperson to get your name out there. To help you manage your digital marketing plan, you might not need to add people but simply add applications.

A digital marketing plan outlines your company's online marketing and advertising efforts for the next month, six months, or year. The goal of a digital marketing plan is to drive conversions. This often includes a social media, content, and blog strategy.

In the world of digital marketing, there are many applications and software solutions you can use to keep things running smoothly. Focus your efforts on what is essential while the right applications and software work for you.

Uses for Your Applications and Software

The most common uses for digital marketing applications and software include social media management, automation, content marketing, and community building. You might use applications for some or all of these uses, depending on the scope of your business.

For example, a product company often gets noticed through consistent social media, content, and community efforts. A motivational speaker might focus more on community connection, not necessarily automation. All of the following are options you need to consider based on your specific situation.

Social Media Management

Social media management is truly all about marketing. When you post on your personal page, you are essentially marketing yourself. Managing social media for a brand is much different than when you use social media for yourself, though. You need to constantly communicate, be responsive, and stick to consistent posts on a number of platforms. Social media management saves you time and effort by allowing scheduling in advance across your sites.

One popular social media management application is Hootsuite. Not only is this site for scheduling posts, but it is also used for analyzing your social media traffic, making note of online mentions of your brand, and allowing you to collaborate with others.

In contrast, Buffer might be the right tool for you if you just need to post your approved content automatically to your sites throughout the day.

Digital Automation Tools

Automation tools are about automating marketing. With the right efforts, you can see an increase in sales and growth in brand reach. You can manage customer inquiries, blog posts, and other content sharing through Marketo and Optimove.

Marketo is convenient because it categorizes prospective clients, measures how your marketing campaigns are doing, and integrates your email, social media, and content. This is a highly recommended tool if you want to login to one site for all of your marketing efforts.

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