Using Individual Lessons on

Instructor: Daniel Brown can be used to take individual lessons for those who don't wish to take whole courses. With access to more than 79,000 video and text lessons in a huge array of subjects, members can learn whatever they want on their own schedule.

Use to Take Individual Lessons has over 79,000 video and text lessons, as well as hundreds of lesson plans and articles containing discussion questions, project ideas, activity ideas and more. With a Premium, Test Prep, Teacher or College Accelerator membership, you get access to all of it, with no obligation to complete any one course.

As such, you can dip in and out of individual lessons as you wish!

How do I find individual lessons on

The easiest way to find a lesson is to use the search bar in the top right-hand corner of your screen (see screen-shot below).

1. Simply type in the name of a topic or a few keywords and hit enter to find out what has to offer.

Use the search bar to look for individual topics or lessons

2. When the results are returned, you can filter them to show lessons only.

Filter search results to show only lessons

You can also use the search function to find other resources that has to offer, such as lesson plans, project ideas, activities, discussion questions, comprehension questions and unit plans.

Parents who have children at home due to school closures may be interested in some of these resources to help inspire new education activities for their children, or to get ideas for how to better structure learning from home.

We have hundreds of these resources on the site - just type in your search term and hit 'enter' to find what you need, for example 'To Kill a Mockingbird Project Ideas'.

You can also browse the course catalogue to find a course that teaches the subject or topic you are interested in. Once you navigate to a course, you can expand the chapters in the course to see all of the individual lessons it contains.

If you start a lesson in this way the course may be added to the 'My Courses' page on your Dashboard, but you are not obligated to finish the course. If you only want to take a single lesson or a selection of lessons from the course, you can dip in and out as you please!

How do I take quizzes, or print them as worksheets?

Every lesson on is accompanied by a quiz that you can take to test your understanding of the topic you just learned about.

How to take a quiz on

1. Navigate to a lesson page and click on the 'Quiz' tab

Click on the quiz tab on a lesson page

2. Select an answer and click 'Next'

Choose an answer and hit next

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