Using Recruitment Events to Reach Candidates

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Noel Ransom

Noel has taught college Accounting and a host of other related topics and has a dual Master's Degree in Accounting/Finance. She is currently working on her Doctoral Degree.

This lesson provides an overview of recruitment events that are helpful in reaching well-qualified job candidates for an organization, including job/career fairs and college campus recruitment events.

Recruitment Events

Meet Sandra, a recruiter for a law firm. It's a new year for her company, and Sandra is looking for employees to fill several job openings, including paralegals, internships, and attorneys. Sandra has a tough task because the job market is extremely competitive in her industry, and every law firm is working hard to attract the most highly skilled talent.

Sandra begins her search for new employees by researching several types of recruiting events to determine the usefulness of each event. A recruiting event is like a networking session between several recruiters and potential job candidates. Usually, a recruiting event includes employers who have open positions who would like to market their job roles to a large number of candidates at one time. These events can take place at a central location and can consist of on-site career fairs, virtual career fairs, and college recruitment events.

On-site and Virtual Career Fairs

A career fair is a recruiting event that usually takes place at a central location and consists of several recruiters from various companies. Employers benefit from career fairs because it's their opportunity to reach a large audience and market their job openings to several potential candidates at one location for a specific period of time.

Career fairs also help Sandra and many other recruiters get an idea of the type of people who are searching for careers and gives recruiters an opportunity to ask questions, and sometimes even conduct small interviews. They're excellent networking opportunities for both employees and employers.

By attending a career fair, instead of having her recruiting team search through multiple resumes online, Sandra can have face to face conversations with potential candidates immediately. She just made her job much easier by attending a career fair.

A virtual career fair is an innovative way to host a career fair online. Instead of attending a career fair in person, traveling to the fair site, and spending all day meeting people in person, organizations can save time and money by conducting everything online.

Other advantages of a virtual career fair are similar to those of an on-site career fair with one big exception. A virtual career fair allows a company to connect with potential candidates around the world. Anyone with internet access can attend a virtual career fair, which expands the company's marketing scope from a single location to thousands of locations worldwide. Sandra is super excited about both opportunities and decides to participate in a virtual career fair as well.

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