Using Since vs Sense

Instructor: Charles Kinney, Jr.
Since and sense may sound similar but they mean very different things. They are commonly confused words that can cause difficulties. In this lesson, you will learn the different meanings and correct usage of since and sense.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Since the early days of humans, we have been trying to understand if we have a 6th sense outside of our five senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing). This is sometimes referred to as extrasensory perception (ESP). This is the ability to know things by being able to read minds, or even to see and communicate with dead people. While no one knows if the 6th sense is real, many books and films have been created about this ability, like The Sixth Sense.

'Since' and 'sense' are sometimes confused because they sound similar, but they have different meanings. Since can be an adverb, a word that changes an action; a preposition, a word that gives information about location or time; or a conjunction, a word that connects sentences. Sense can be a noun, a thing; or a verb, an action.


Since As An Adverb

When 'since' works as an adverb, it means 'that point in time'.

  • At first, my parents said no, but they have since said yes. (a change from something in the past, modifying 'have')
  • We haven't gone to the restaurant since the health department closed them down. (at that moment in time, modifying 'gone')
  • People have long since known that the metal mercury is bad for humans. (that point in time, modifying 'known')

Since As A Preposition

'Since' as a preposition means 'from then until now' or 'something happening continuously'.

  • It has been snowing since we arrived. (it started to snow and is still snowing)
  • Coca-Cola has been part of American culture since 1892. (from that time until now)

Since As A Conjunction

When 'since' is a conjunction, it means 'because'. Usually, this sentences can be written two ways.

  • Since you already ate half, you should finish the rest of the pizza. (because you already started, you should finish the pizza)

or: You should finish the rest of the pizza since you already ate half.

  • Since I am already late, I might as well not go. (because I am late, there is no reason to go)

or: I might as well not go since I am already late.


Sense As A Noun

When 'sense' is a noun, it means the 'ability' to feel something.

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