Using Social Media to Build Customer Relationships

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  • 0:57 Engage with Customers
  • 2:04 Thank Customers
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
Social media is a great way to build customer relationships. In this lesson, learn how you can use social media to engage with your customers, and provide a way for them to engage with you, all the while building strong relationships.

Using Social Media

Imagine that you run a printing service, Happy Printing, for both local and online customers in New York City. You have seen firsthand how coupons, advertisements, star ratings, and customer reviews are just a few of the ways social media can connect your company with its customers. Chances are you have found out that social media can give you the ability to directly connect with clients and share the ins and outs of day-to-day business, which allows you to build customer relationships. This means that you can increase your number of customers and expand your company's approval ratings using the internet.

Social media allows for two primary actions that help you to build and retain your customer base. It allows you to engage with customers and for customers to engage with you. Within engagement you can build your clientele, share products, and respond to customers' likes and dislikes all through the use of social media.

Engage with Customers

When you use social media you can connect with customers in various ways. Whether you are posting your latest sales or responding to customer questions, you can easily engage with current, past, and future customers.

Engaging with customers can help you build your audience. When you use social media you will first want to ask yourself who your customers are. Depending on the industry you are in, your target customer will be different. For Happy Printing you may have a wide range of clients, but let's say you focus more on the individual.

These are the people who will buy:

  • Wedding announcements
  • Birth announcements
  • Print Resumes
  • Business cards

By sharing your company's products, and displaying visual examples of your services, you can build your clientele.

Additionally, knowing who your customers are and building an audience helps you to promote your products. Your printing company might post about new services or promote your graduation and wedding announcement services. A shoe company might post about the latest brands they are selling as well as next season's top sellers. Social media provides you with a way to share your newest products and services. It also allows you to promote your top sellers or just about any product and service your company offers.

Thank Customers

You can also use social media to stay in touch with and thank past customers. Happy Printing can reach out to brides and grooms and congratulate them on their wedding day. They can wish someone who has recently printed his resume good luck on his job search. Or they can just generally thank a specific customer for his loyal patronage. When you use social media to build relationships you can add a personal connection and make for a memorable experience. This way, the next time someone needs your services, he will come back to your company.

Customers Engage with You

Social media provides a mutually beneficial platform by allowing your customers to engage with you. Not only can you post and share, but your customers can also post and share. Imagine that a happy graduate takes a picture of her announcement that Happy Printing made and posts it on Happy Printing's Facebook page in order to express extreme gratitude to the company.

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