Using Technical Support to Troubleshoot Computer Issues

Instructor: Sebastian Garces

Sebastian has taught programming and computational thinking for University students and has Master's degree in Computer and Information Technology

In this lesson, learn about the different types of computer issues you might encounter and the ways to use technical support to solve them, including antivirus programs, research, and technician calls.

Common Fixes for Slowdowns

Have you ever faced problems with your computer ? Do you notice it getting slower? What can you do? Let's explore some causes for slowdowns and other problems and check out some common turnarounds that you can try to fix these issues.


Slowdowns are a real a headache, especially if you aren't familiar with the way computers work.

The first thing to do is check for updates for your operating system. Companies release updates to make improvements or install security issues that need to be fixed. To check for pending updates you can just go to the App Store in MacOS or the Update Center in Windows.

Check if MacOS is up to date
Update Option in MacOS

If your computer is asking to update, it's because it actually needs it, so you better stop snoozing it to avoid slowdowns or software malfunction!


All up to date? The slowdown could be from computer viruses floating around the Internet. Some of them are harmless (aside from the slowdown), but others can do serious damage to computers.

There are some good free antivirus software programs out there. Download one and keep it up to date. It will keep it virus-free and also will try to remove any existing virus. An antivirus program is much more efficient at protecting a computer from new viruses, but it can also clean old viruses found to already exist upon installation.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Videos not buffering or the movies suddenly stopping? You may notice that your computer is disconnecting from the Internet.

These issues might not be the computer's fault. There is a chance that connection issues are because of your Internet Service Provider(ISP). There could be a malfunctioning router or there may be connection issues in the whole neighborhood.

First, try restarting your router. If that doesn't work, find out which one is your ISP and give them a call. That way you can actually know if there is an issue with them and they can guide you on ways to solve any problems.

Connection Speed

Downloads taking forever? Can't watch full HD movies over the Internet anymore? Another option is to use a Speed Test to check the Internet bandwidth, which is the speed that your connection will browse the Internet given in megabits per second (Mbps). Simply look up 'speed tests' on your search engine, there should be several free options.

After running the test, see if that's the speed that your ISP is selling to you. If it isn't, check if you have multiple devices connected to the network that could be using some of your connection bandwidth.

Speed Test in process
Internet Speed Test

If you still haven't figured it out, call your ISP to see if there are any reasons why you are not navigating at the proper speed.

Troubleshooting Issues

You might face errors on your computer that are prompted as error windows. If this is happening more often than expected, you should try to find out what causes the error. Search for the error in a search engine. Maybe others have had the same problem and found a solution.

Make sure that the steps you find online are easy to follow. If the troubleshooting seems complicated, better contact a trusted technician.

Immediate Attention

Sometimes you'll face critical situations that require immediate professional attention. These issues can present in two ways: critical software failure or hardware failure.

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