Valentine's Day Classroom Activities

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Are you looking for fun activities to celebrate Valentine's Day with your class? These activities, including art, math, word play, and journal prompts, allow students to work both individually and in groups.

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Every student knows when it's Valentine's Day, and many of them will be excited about it. How can you acknowledge their excitement in a way that is more interesting and relevant than tiny cardboard valentines and excessive amounts of sugar? Here are some Valentine's Day activity ideas that can be tweaked to accommodate a variety of age groups.

Activity: Hearts Art

Objective: Utilize hearts in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a picture collage.

Materials: Paper hearts, scissors, glue, pencils. Optional: Additional materials to use for hearts (fabric, wallpaper scraps, foam, tissue paper)

  • Provide students with a variety of pre-cut hearts of different sizes, shapes, and colors. For older students, provide a variety of materials from which they can cut hearts. You may want to provide heart templates or stencils for tracing.
  • Students consider what pictures they can make with hearts. For example, they can make a rabbit with a small fat heart for a face, a larger heart for a body, and tall thin hearts for ears.

Activity: Conversation Hearts Calculations

Objective: Perform measurements and calculations using non-traditional units.

Materials: Conversation hearts, paper, pencil (if you'd rather not use candy hearts, you could cut paper hearts instead)

Level One: Length

  • Give students conversation hearts. Students use the hearts to measure the length of a variety of classroom objects: math book, desk, pencil, scissors, chalkboard, etc. (i.e. the pencil is 6 hearts long).
  • Challenge students to get creative and figure out how to measure the length of the hallway without actually laying hearts all the way down the hallway.
    • If your floors have square tiles, students can measure the length of one tile in hearts, count the tiles in the hallway, and multiply the number of tiles by the length of one tile in hearts.

Level Two: Perimeter

  • Give students conversation hearts.
  • Remind students how to calculate perimeter.
  • Students use the hearts to calculate the perimeter of various classroom objects: books, desks, bulletin board, etc.

Level Three: Area

  • Give students conversation hearts.
  • Remind students how to calculate area.
  • Students use the hearts to calculate the area of various classroom objects: table, chair seat, desk, etc.

Activity: Alliterative Valentine's Gifts

Objective: Practice alliteration.

Materials: None

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