Vascular Cambium: Function & Definition

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Meredith Mikell
A plant's ability to undergo growth is dependent upon the cell division that occurs within its stems, roots, and leaves. Vascular cambium has a major role in this growth. Here we will investigate the definition of vascular cambium and look at its function.

What is the Vascular Cambium?

Humans undergo vertical growth in our juvenile years, with some lateral growth. Later in life, many humans lament the growth about the girth that can occur, and vertical growth has stopped. Plants undergo both at the same time. While primary growth involves the plant growing taller, secondary growth occurs when the plant grows wider.

Vascular cambium is the type of cell associated with this growth. As those cells divide and multiply, the plant increases its girth. Xylem, vascular tissue that transports water and nutrients through the plant, grows inward from the vascular cambium. Phloem, the vascular tissue that transports sugar and other large molecules, grows outward from the vascular cambium. When the vascular cambium cells divide, they create more xylem and phloem cells.

The inside of a leaf show a vascular bundle, containing vascular cambium, phloem, and xylem tissues.
vascular cambium

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