Ver Future Tense Conjugation

Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

Hola and bienvenido, bienvenida - welcome to this lesson! We will learn all about building the future tense conjugations of the verb ''ver'' and learn some interesting movie-related vocabulary in the process. Comencemos, let's start!

The Verb Ver

Palomitas y peliculas - popcorn and movies

As you might remember from other lessons, the verb ver means 'to see, watch, or view'. But what if you want to say that want to see a movie sometime in the future? Or that you want to see your child grow up strong? We will delve a bit deeper into some example sentences including this verb after memorizing the future tense conjugations of ver.

Future Tense Conjugations Of Ver

The verb conjugations of ver in the future tense are regular. As opposed to irregular verbs, regular verbs such as ver follow an established grammatical pattern when conjugated in the future tense.

You just take the infinitive verb, in this case ver, and add a certain ending depending on which personal pronoun you need to use. Take a look at the table to get a clearer picture.

Subject/ Personal Pronoun Conjugation Translation
Yo veré I will see
verás You will see
Él, Ella, Usted verá He, She, you (formal) will see
Nosotros, nosotras veremos We (plural male), we (plural female) will see
Vosotros, vosotras veréis You (plural male), you (plural female) will see
Ellos, ellas, Ustedes verán They (plural male), they (plural female), you (plural, formal) will see.

Example sentences

We already mentioned that talking about movies that you would like to watch in the future could be a great subject matter involving your new favorite verb ver. Shall we try it out? Vamos (let's go):

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