Verb Games & Activities for Kids

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Emergent readers and writers are beginning to notice different parts of speech. Use this lesson plan to teach and reinforce verbs to your students in fun activities for a wide range of abilities using on-hand classroom materials.

Identifying and Using Verbs

Learning to read and write means being able to name and identify parts of speech. The action verb is the vibrant, action-packed part of the sentence and typically one most children readily identify. But verbs can be tricky. Some don't show action and tenses can be confusing, especially for irregular verbs. Use these games to pack on student knowledge of verbs; after all, we all know the best way for young children to learn is by doing.

Verb Charades

Start by making a series of task cards of varying levels. For emergent learners, include both an image and the verb; for more advanced students, create cards with just the verbs. Use index cards or create them in a document and print; laminate for durability.

Play as a whole group a few times so students fully understand the game. Choose a student to begin and have the student pick a card. The student then acts out the verb on the card while the group guesses. Increase engagement by timing for 30 or 60 seconds. The student who correctly guesses the verb gets to go next. List the verbs on chart paper or the board, then after the game have students write each in a sentence.

Tip: Take pictures of students doing the actions for the images, or have them make the cards using pictures from magazines or drawing.

Irregular Verb Match

Irregular verbs are tricky for some students. Help them figure out the relationship between verbs like 'grew' and 'grow' using this cute matching game.

Write the verb pairs you're using on craft sticks and separate into two piles. Place each set in its own container. Students play by pulling a stick from each; if they match, they get to keep them. If not, they return the sticks to the container and play passes on.

Have students keep track of their verb pairs on white boards or paper; increase learning by asking them to write each in a sentence or draw a picture of the words after playing the game.

Tip: Modify this game by making it self-checking with colored dots or having an answer key available.

Verb Tense Dice

Students will practice verb tense with this simple game. Start off by creating a chart that gives students a tense for each number on a die; for example, 1 = today; 2 = tomorrow; 3 = yesterday; use last week, last month, next year, etc.

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