Verb Patterns Activities & Games

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

Many English grammar concepts can be better understood through the use of activities and games. This lesson provides such activities for teaching verb patterns to students of varying ages and abilities.

Verb Patterns 101

There are a few verb patterns your students should be familiar with before trying the other activities and games in this lesson. These patterns are:

  • Noun + verb (Sally stood.)
  • Noun + verb + verb (They had been swimming.)
  • Noun + verb + adjective (The man appeared upset.)

You may also want to remind students:

  • Verb + infinitive (We can hope to make it next year.)
  • Verb + -ing (We are hoping to make it next year.)

You can conclude your explanations by asking for students to provide sample sentences to demonstrate each verb pattern. Familiarity with these verb patterns will give your students a solid base of understanding they can use to tackle the following games and activities.

Verb Pattern Madness

This activity will challenge your students to give essentially the same information with a variety of verb patterns. You can write the following example on the blackboard to get your students oriented to the activity:

  • Sally stood.
  • Sally is standing.
  • Sally stood quickly.
  • Sally, can you stand?

Instruct students they must use the base verbs you will provide and write at least three sentences of varying verb patterns using the verb. Also, all of the sentences must have the same general meaning. Use this verb list and feel free to add your own.

  1. Enjoy
  2. Imagine
  3. Feel
  4. Walk
  5. Kick
  6. Meet
  7. Become
  8. Tell
  9. Give
  10. Find

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