Vermissen Conjugation in German

Instructor: Jens Bargmann

Jens is a native German and has taught adults both in Germany and in the United States. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy/Ethics.

In this lesson we will learn how to conjugate the German verb ''vermissen'' (to miss). We will conjugate this verb in the present tense in both the active and passive voices and learn how to pronounce each form.

Vermissen: Definition

Have you ever stood in front of your own door and couldn't get in because you lost your keys? Then you can appreciate the German verb vermissen (fair-MISS-senn), which mean ''to miss,''

The German language also uses the same word for both:

  • An emotional expression of missing (''I have missed you!'')
  • Something having gone missing (''I am missing my umbrella.'').

Translation: They missed each other.

Present Tense Active

The following table shows us the conjugation of vermissen in the present tense active voice. You will use these forms of the verb when you are actively doing what the verb denotes at the present time. In this case, you are doing the missing.

Subject Pronoun vermissen Conjugation Pronunciation Translation
Ich vermisse vehr-MISS-ah I miss
Du vermisst vehr-MISST You miss
Er/Sie/Es vermisst vehr-MISST He/She/It misses
Wir vermissen vehr-MISS-en We miss
Ihr vermisst vehr-MISST You (plural) miss
Sie vermissen vehr-MISS-en They miss
  • Es regnet, und ich vermisse meinen Regenschirm. (It is raining, and I am missing my umbrella.)
  • Ich liebe es in Europa zu sein, aber ich vermisse meine Freunde zu hause. (I love being in Europe, but I miss my friends at home.)
  • Vermisst du deine Schlüssel? (Are you missing your keys?)

Present Tense Passive

The next table shows us the conjugation of vermissen in the present tense passive voice, for when the action takes place in the present, but the person in the sentence is the passive part in the situation.

In this case, the person is not missing someone or something, but is being missed. As you can see, the form of vermissen in German never changes in the present passive voice. That makes it easy to remember, but we now need an ''auxiliary verb'', in this case 'werden'. This helps us to conjugate the verb and helps us to say what we want to say.

Subject Pronoun vermissen Conjugation Pronunciation Translation
Ich werde vermisst VAIR-deh vehr-MISST I am missed
Du wirst vermisst virst vehr-MISST You are missed
Er/Sie/Es wird vermisst vird vehr-MISST He/She/It is missed
Wir werden vermisst VAIR-den vehr-MISST We are missed
Ihr werdet vermisst VAIR-det vehr-MISST You (plural) are missed
Sie werden vermisst VAIR-den vehr-MISST They are missed
  • Wird dein Auto vermisst? (Is your car missed? - as in: Is your car missing?)
  • Ich rufe aus England an. Werde ich vermisst? (I am calling from England. Am I being missed?)
  • Ja, du wirst jetzt hier vermisst. (Yes, you are being missed here now.)

Example Conversation

Let's say you are on vacation in Germany. You have just lost your keys somewhere at the train station. You tell your friend Sven about it as you are heading to the lost-and-found office. Herr Meier is the clerk at the office.

Translation: What are you missing? Please fill out this form.

You: Ich vermisse meine Schlüssel. (I miss my keys.)

Sven: Was vermisst du? (What do you miss?)

You: Meine Schlüssel. Vermisst du etwas? (My keys. Do you miss anything?)

Sven: Meine Brieftasche! Ich vermisse meine Brieftasche! (My wallet! I miss my wallet!)

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