Very Short Story of Cinderella for Kids

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  • 0:05 A Girl Named Cinderella
  • 0:36 The Fairy Godmother
  • 1:25 At the Ball
  • 1:59 The Prince Visits
  • 2:50 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Mark Boster
Do you have siblings or step-siblings who are sometimes mean? Or maybe you worry your parents sometimes love your siblings more or treat you unfairly? If so, then you might relate to Cinderella! Let's find out how.

A Girl Named Cinderella

Cinderella had two stepsisters and a stepmother who were very mean to her. Cinderella had to do all the work in the house while they went to parties and sat around feeling better than Cinderella.

One day, a notice was posted that said all the women of the kingdom should go to the castle Friday night to meet the prince. You see, the prince was looking for a bride.

There were only three ball gowns in Cinderella's house, which were quickly snapped up by the others. Cinderella had nothing to wear to the ball.

The Fairy Godmother

On the night of the ball Cinderella was left home alone. As one would be expected, she began to cry, but her Fairy Godmother popped into the room.

'What's wrong, Cinderella?' asked the Fairy Godmother.

'I can't go to the ball because there are no ball gowns left in the closet.'

'Well, I can fix that' said the Fairy Godmother. And with a wave of her wand, Cinderella was wearing a beautiful flowing gown.

'What about shoes?' asked Cinderella. The godmother waved her wand and Cinderella had a pair of glass slippers on her feet.

'How shall I get there?' asked Cinderella.

Her Fairy Godmother took three mice and a pumpkin and waved her wand and changed them into a beautiful coach and escorts.

'Be home by midnight, for at that time, the magic wears off.'

'I will,' promised Cinderella.

At the Ball

When Cinderella arrived at the ball, she exited the coach and entered the ballroom. The prince saw her and chose to dance with her. They danced for hours and talked about many interesting things.

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