Veterinary Boarding Facilities

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Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson will differentiate between a veterinary boarding facility, hospital ward, and luxury pet resort. You'll also learn what to expect in a typical veterinary boarding facility.

Boarding Facility

Some veterinary clinics and hospitals have what's known as a boarding facility or kennel, a place where pets can stay while their owners are away.

Basically, it's a pet hotel within a hospital, albeit not usually as glamorous as a stand-alone luxury pet resort, a place where pet owners leave their pets while away, usually in 'luxurious' living spaces, with lots of entertainment and individualized attention. Some luxury pet resorts even have a veterinarian on staff to provide basic care if the need should arise.

But a typical veterinary boarding facility doesn't offer such 'upscale' services (which don't come cheap) and should also be distinguished from a hospital ward, which technically refers to an area or room where numerous patients, sometimes segregated by similar medical conditions, are housed.

Thus, a boarder in a kennel need not be a patient. Although admittedly, many clinics and hospitals keep some patients and boarders in the same general area.

Anyway, we'll go over some important points related to boarding facilities and what you might expect if you're tasked with its upkeep.

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Boarding Facility Basics

Boarding facilities almost always separate cats from dogs. It's just way too stressful on the cats otherwise, and the dogs are equally stressed out, albeit a bit differently.

Cats may be stressed because of the fear of being attacked by a dog, and dogs will get stressed out because they can't play with or hunt the cat. In either case, it adds unnecessary strain to both species, and so they are kept in separate rooms.

Cat boarding facilities commonly have metal cages stacked on top of one another, with enough room for the cat to walk around and stretch. Inside the cage, there will be a bed, litter box, and dishes for food and water. Sometimes owners will leave favorite toys or blankets. Other times owners bring their own food to be fed to the cat instead of the hospital food.

In other boarding facilities, cats may be allowed to roam free in a larger area and interact with other cats.

Canine boarding facilities have larger enclosures with enough room for the dog to stand up, walk around, and go to the washroom away from their bed. They'll have food and water dishes and toys and blankets left by owners or provided by the hospital. As with cats, some owners bring their own dog food, and other times hospital food is fed.

Canine boarding facilities vary greatly. Some are indoor only and can be more than one story tall. Others have doggie doors running from the indoor area to an outside run where the dogs can bask in the sun, play, and go to the washroom.

More upscale boarding facilities can even have swimming pools for dogs, TVs for them to watch and listen to, and lots more.

Working in a Boarding Facility

Working and managing a boarding facility is a tough job, even if it's a small, modest facility.

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