Video Conferencing for Virtual Teams: Benefits & Challenges

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Video conferencing is an exciting way to connect employees and share information in real time. There are many benefits and challenges to meeting virtually; this lesson identifies several of each, and explains their effect on the success of video conferences.

Video Conferencing for Virtual Teams

Video conferencing is an innovative and popular way for companies to bring individuals from remote locations together virtually. Rather than meeting face to face, companies can unite employees who are located all over the world. By connecting through technology, team members are able to communicate, interact, and work together. There are many benefits and challenges to video conferencing. Let's explore a few of each.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Let's look at the benefits of video conferencing.

1. Unites anyone, from anywhere

In the modern business world, companies are able to recruit top talent from around the globe. Because of technological tools, businesses can hire individuals in remote areas and set up work groups via online communication. Video conferencing allows these employees to see each other on their computer screens, speak face to face, and interact easily. Video conferencing removes several communication barriers and helps build a bond by being able to interact with each other visually and audibly.

2. Establishes connections

One of the greatest challenges for remote employees is finding a way to feel connected with their coworkers. Working remotely can cause a person to feel isolated and lonely. However, video conferencing encourages connection and communication. Being able to see a person's facial expressions and body language can help employees to better understand their coworkers. Using video conferencing helps to support team members and strengthens their working relationships.

3. Cuts costs and increases efficiency

In the past, employees were typically required to attend meetings in person. This caused a drain on financial resources and took up a lot of time. However, with the advent of video conferencing, team members are able to actively participate in meetings and interact with each other without those issues. Meetings can be conducted effectively because the same information that would be discussed in person can also be discussed virtually. Video conferencing encourages an exchange of information, problem solving, participant updates, and execution of the meeting agenda. It supports most types of meetings, and it allows team members to meet on a regular, consistent basis. This supports information sharing and productive teamwork.

Challenges of Video Conferencing

Now, we'll explore the challenges of video conferencing.

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