Walk Two Moons Summary: Chapters 25-28

Instructor: Dori Starnes

Dori has taught college and high school English courses, and has Masters degrees in both literature and education.

As Sal and her grandparents leave South Dakota and head into Wyoming, Sal continues telling the story of Phoebe. Even when Phoebe hides her anger with outright rudeness, Sal gets it. This lesson will focus on the summary of Chapters 25 through 28 of ''Walk Two Moons''.


Salamanca Tree Hiddle, who is called Sal has been travelling from Ohio to Idaho with her grandparents, Gram and Gramps. As they travel, she has been telling them the story of her friend Phoebe Winterbottom, Phoebe's mother, who has gone missing, and Sal's own life in Ohio. As Sal tells the story of her friend, though, the readers are learning Sal's own story of her mother, who left her and her father over a year ago and headed to Idaho. Sal and her grandparents are heading to see Momma, and Sal both anticipates and dreads the end of the trip.

Sal has a lot going on in her life. She's helping poor Phoebe through the disappearance of Mrs. Winterbottom and navigating her first romance with Ben Finney. Sal's father has been spending lots of time with the red-headed Margaret Cadaver, which leaves Sal feeling angry and jealous. But most of all, Sal misses her mother and wants her to come back more than anything.

Chapter 25: Cholesterol

Sal continues to tell Phoebe's story. She and Sal have gone over to the Finneys' house for dinner. It is chaos as normal there. When the dinner is served, it is fried chicken, and Phoebe refuses to eat it. She tells the Finneys they shouldn't eat so much cholesterol. Mrs. Finney gives Phoebe a bowl of muesli, a type of cereal, for dinner. Sal is shocked and embarrassed by Phoebe's behavior.

Sal and Phoebe walk home and Sal asks Phoebe if she'd like to spend the weekend with Sal and her father. Phoebe thinks it is a great idea and rushes home to ask her father. Mr. Winterbottom is washing the dishes, wearing one of Mrs. Winterbottom's aprons. He looks very sad but tells Phoebe she may go to Sal's house. Phoebe asks her father if he has called the police about her mother's disappearance. He has not.

Phoebe calls Sal that night to say she saw her dad crying, but then takes it back. Mr. Winterbottom, Phoebe assures Sal, never cries.

Phoebe refused to eat the fried chicken for dinner because it had too much cholesterol.
Phoebe refused to eat the fried chicken for dinner because it had too much cholesterol.

Chapter 26: Sacrifices

On Saturday morning, Phoebe arrives at Sal's house. She complains about the house and Sal's room, and tells Sal guests should be treated better. Even though she's annoyed at her friend's behavior, Sal understands why Phoebe is upset, so she doesn't say anything.

Sal and Phoebe head over to Mary Lou Finney's house. Sal sits on the porch with Ben for a few minutes after Phoebe has gone inside, and Sal finds that she wants to touch his face. Then Sal walks into the house. She sees Mr. and Mrs. Finney climb up to the roof and kiss, and realizes that Mary Lou's parents remind her of her own parents before her mother left, and it makes her sad. When she and Phoebe get back to Sal's house, Sal lets her friend have the bed. She can hear Phoebe crying, but knows she needs to leave Phoebe alone.

Chapter 27: Pandora's Box

On Sunday, Phoebe goes home. Her father tells her that Mrs. Winterbottom has called Margaret Cadaver and told her she is safe. Phoebe wonders if Mrs. Cadaver has killed her mother, and tells her father he should call the police. Mr. Winterbottom agrees to call the police if they haven't heard from her mother by Wednesday.

On Monday in English class, the students continue to give their reports. It's Phoebe's turn, and she has done her report on Pandora, whom Ben mentioned when giving his report on Prometheus. Phoebe tells the class that Ben's report was wrong and that Pandora was a good gift to mankind. Sure, she released all the evil in the world but she also brought hope to humanity.

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