Walk Two Moons Summary

Instructor: Debra Patuto

Debra has taught at elementary levels and has an M.ed with certification in elementary education and special education

''Walk Two Moons'', by Sharon Creech, is a story about a teenage girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle and how she got through a very difficult time in her life. Let's learn more about her and her journey now.

The Main Story

What if your parents named you after something they really loved? Well, Salamanca Tree Hiddle, known as Sal, is a thirteen-year-old farm girl who lives in Bybanks, Kentucky. Her mother had a love for nature and decided Tree was a perfect middle name!

In this story Sal's mother leaves without explanation and sends Sal postcards from tourist sights across the U.S. Sal treasures each postcard, but one day they stop coming. Sal finds out her mother has died but holds on to hope that she will return, wanting to believe that her mother is just missing.

Sal's mother had been killed in a bus crash. There was only one survivor, a woman named Margaret Cadaver, who had sat next to and talked with Sal's mother on the bus. Sal's father begins a friendship with Margaret, but Sal doesn't understand why he wants to be friends with her.

Sal's father even moves them from Bybanks, Kentucky, to Euclid, Ohio, to be closer to Margaret! Can you imagine how Sal must have felt being told she had to move away from her home and her friends? She was not happy about this!

Sal's grandparents plan a road trip to see where Sal's mother is buried. Sal's father feels she should join her grandparents so she can gain acceptance that her mother is not returning. Sal decides to go, and they use Sal's mother's postcards to guide them on their trip.

Sal's grandparents get close to the end of the trip, but wind up in the hospital because Sal's grandmother has a stroke. Although Sal has no driver's license, Sal's grandfather gives her the car keys so Sal can keep driving. Thankfully her grandfather had given her some driving lessons on the farm! Sadly, while Sal is on her drive, her grandmother dies.

Sal reaches the sight of the crash that killed her mother, and police meet her to explain what happened the day of the accident. They told her of the only survivor, Margaret Cadaver. The police bring Sal to her mother's burial sight where she is finally able to gain acceptance that her mother is not coming home. She also finally understands why her father is friends with Margaret.

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