War Horse by Michael Morpurgo Discussion Questions

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has taught high school history in several states with a master's degree in teaching.

Middle and high school students will enjoy learning about World War I through the eyes of Joey, a fictional horse who served in the war. These discussion questions are intended for middle and high school students.

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

World War I is taught in several different courses in middle and high school. To keep students interested in the material, reading the novel War Horse by Michael Morpurgo can allow students to think about the war in a new way. These questions were designed with middle and high school students in mind and can be used in an English or history classroom. There are three categories of questions: background information, plot and quotes. The quotes section has specific directions on how to use the questions to enhance your discussion.

Background Questions

  • The author was inspired to write the book after learning the story of several English men who were involved at different levels in World War I. His goal was to show the emotional weight of the war through the eyes of an animal. How well does he accomplish this goal?
  • The idea to use a horse came from an interaction Morpurgo had with a nonprofit he runs where he saw a horse intently listening and moving his ears when a young boy was talking to him. How does the author show the spirit, personality and ability of the horse to listen throughout the novel?

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