Warning Signs of Bullying

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
What should you look out for when it comes to bullying? It depends on if the child is being bullied or is the bully themselves. This lesson points out warning signs of both.

Bullying Defined

Bullying is an act where an aggressor behaves in such a way that the victim senses a real or perceived threat and/or powerlessness. It can seriously affect the way a child socializes with others, how they perform in school, and even how they act or view themselves later on in life. What's more, is that some people may not be able to tell if their child or friend is being bullied.

Since being bullied is a highly negative experience, it's important that it's caught early and addressed. But you can't catch it early nor address it unless you know what warning signs to look out for. First, we'll look at the warning signs from the victim's perspective and then we'll move on to warning signs you should learn to recognize that may indicate a child you know is the bully him/herself.

Being Bullied

Bobby has been a great kid at school up until recently. He has had a lot of friends and has been a cheery little kid. But you've noticed Bobby isn't the same as he used to be. First, you notice that he complains of being sick a lot. He tells you he has stomach aches and you suspect that while that may be true, he is potentially faking other signs to simply skip school. Bobby also runs into your room in the middle of the night complaining that he can't fall asleep and that when he does, he has a lot of nightmares.

This begins to worry you, but you brush it off and think it's all a part of growing up. However, other signs creep up that are far harder to ignore. You notice that his grades are falling and he no longer likes going to school. He has inexplicably lost some of his books and electronics, and he no longer eats some of the lunches you make for him.

While Bobby used to love to go to play with friends after school, he no longer does so but somehow still has strange bruises on his body. You would've thought they were playground injuries before but now that's not possible since he doesn't play with friends anymore. Bobby also seems very down. He's even run away from home. You think he's cut himself, and he has mentioned something about suicide once or twice.

All of the things you read about in this section are warning signs that a child is being bullied.

Being The Bully

But what about signs that a child or friend you know is the bully him or herself? You wouldn't want a child causing trouble as that can hurt other kids, and it also hurts the bully in the long run as well. So it's important these warning signs be recognized as well for the sake of everyone, including the bully's.

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