Water Buffalo Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Sara Clarke-Vivier

Sara is a recently graduated PhD in Education with interdisciplinary experience in K-12 education.

In this lesson, you'll explore some interesting facts about water buffalo, including where they love, how they look, what they eat, and how they interact with humans - in both good and bad ways.

What is a Water Buffalo?

Imagine you're in warm, sunny India walking along the banks of a river when you notice a big brown animal with curved pointy horns splashing around in the water - what could it be? Why, it's a water buffalo!

Water buffalo are big bovine animals that live in the warm climates of central Asia. Being a bovine means that water buffalo are related to other animals like cows and bison. There are a few important things that make a water buffalo different from a black and white cow that you might see on a farm. These include the way they look and why they live in water.

What Do Water Buffalo Look Like?

Water buffalo are huge - they can range in size from 6.5 to 9.5 feet tall and weigh up to 2,600 pounds. That's almost as much as a small car! Male and female water buffalo also have enormous curved horns on their heads. They use these horns to defend themselves and dig holes in the mud to lie in.

A Wild Water Buffalo Swimming
A Swimming Water Buffalo

Why Do Water Buffalo Like Water?

There are many advantages to living in and near water, especially for water buffalo. First, water buffalo like to eat aquatic plants, or plants that grow in rivers and streams. Second, spending time in muddy water protects water buffalo from the sun, keeping them cool in the hot places that they live. Finally, water can protect these animals from predators, other animals that hunt and eat water buffalo. While predators like tigers and lions that might want to eat a water buffalo for lunch usually stay away from water, crocodiles do not. Lucky for the water buffalo, they've got those big horns for protection!

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