Water Safety Social Stories

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Social stories are often used by teachers to explain basic social and safety concepts. In this lesson, you will find social stories dealing with the topic of water safety.

Social Stories as Teaching Tools

How often do you hear a horrid news story about a water accident? Yet water can also provide some of the most fun, refreshing play experiences.

All children need to be educated early about how to be safe around water. One way to do this is through social stories. Social stories teach children about procedures and expectations related to a variety of community and social situations by presenting simple and relatable scenarios. Here are some social stories about water safety to use as a jumping-off point for teaching your class about water safety.

Water Safety Social Stories

At the Pool

I had my first swimming lesson when I was three. At first I went to swimming lessons with my mom, then I took swimming lessons alone. Mom says every kid should know how to swim so they can be safe in the water.

I love going to the pool. I know that the best way to have fun there is to be safe and follow the rules.

I only swim at the pool when the lifeguard on duty. I listen to the lifeguard and follow instructions. When I hear the lifeguard's whistle, I stop and listen for instructions.

I don't run at the pool because I could slip and fall. Pools are full of water, but they are often made of concrete, and falling on concrete is painful!

I don't push, shove, or kick anyone at the pool, even as a joke. If that person suddenly fell in the water, he or she could get hurt.

I don't dive into shallow water. I could hit my head on the bottom of the pool. Head and neck injuries from diving in shallow water can be painful and serious.

It is very important to be careful and follow the rules at the pool. When I follow the pool rules, I can have a lot of fun. The pool is my favorite place to go in the summer!

At the Beach

My family is going on vacation to the beach. I can't wait. I want to swim and jump in the waves and build the biggest sandcastle ever. Before we go, Dad wants us to remember some beach safety rules:

  • Never go in to the ocean alone. If you have a buddy, he or she can help or get help if you drift away or go under.
  • When wading into the ocean, make sure your feet can touch the bottom. The ocean has waves and currents that can pull you around and down, and you could end up far away from the shore.
  • Listen to the lifeguards. Beach lifeguards have information about currents. On days that the tide is too strong for swimming, the lifeguards will tell you to stay out of the water or only wade in shallow water. Do what the lifeguards say, because they want you to be safe.

At the Lake

Last summer I went to the lake with my aunt and uncle. Uncle Tommy has canoes, so he took the three of us canoeing and swimming.

Every time we got in the canoes, we wore our life jackets - just in case we fell out of the canoes. Even a good swimmer can get stuck or tired in deep water. Life jackets can help you float, so you can take a break from swimming.

When we were at the lake, we also had to pay attention to where we were swimming or boating. Some people like to fish at the lake. We didn't swim or boat near their fishing lines. We didn't want to scare their fish or get caught by a hook.

I was careful to follow the water safety rules at the lake, and I had a lot of fun.

At the Creek

My friend Kelly has a creek behind her house. We like to play in the creek. Before we go to the creek, Kelly's mom tells us to be careful. She makes sure we're wearing water shoes because the bottom of the creek is rocky and slippery.

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