Ways to Impress Your Manager

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  • 0:02 Impressing Your Boss
  • 0:35 Clear Communication
  • 1:37 Being Prepared
  • 2:53 Being Ambitious
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Amber Dixon

Amber works with graduate students enrolled in a virtual program and has a Master's of Social Work degree.

This lesson will discuss how to build a strong relationship with your boss. We'll discuss communication, social interactions, organizational skills, and team work.

Impressing Your Boss

Impressing your boss may lead to a raise, a new job title, new responsibilities, or a promotion. There are a variety of ways to impress your boss without changing much of what you are already involved in each day. The long-term impact of being memorable to your boss may lead to career advancement with the company or an exceptional recommendation during a future job search outside the company. In this lesson, we'll look at some of the most important ways that you can create a good impression on your boss.

Clear Communication

Employees who perceive their relationships with their bosses to be positive usually find more enjoyment in their work. Communication is an important foundation to any positive relationship. Let's imagine that Todd presents to his boss a written proposal to work remotely. His boss responds that working remotely is not feasible at this time. Todd could leave upset and frustrated, or he could seek clarification about a time frame to revisit the discussion. This would result in him leaving with a date to revisit his request.

One communication technique is to seek clarification when needed by restating what you heard from your boss. Clarifying expectations will help employees understand the task at hand. Employees who feel accomplished and proud of their work are more satisfied with their performance and are more eager for new work assignments.

Additional tips for clear communication include:

  • Be direct
  • Use a common language
  • Be concise
  • Smile

Being Prepared

Gaining your boss's attention is a good starting point to having your performance recognized and to be rewarded for a job well done. Surprising your boss by completing a project before a deadline is a way to stand out. Offering appropriate solutions to problems by bringing a new perspective will get you noticed by others. Verbalizing accomplishments of the week is helpful to keep your boss aware of your current projects and availability for new assignments.

You know that you have your boss's attention when your boss volunteers you to help the company or co-workers with new tasks. It's easy to be overwhelmed by an increased workload, but it can be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and skills to your supervisor.

Let's look at an example. Todd received an assignment to present to managers to clarify his role at the company. Todd wanted the presentation to go smoothly so he asked a few managers what questions they had for him. He prepared an agenda to address their concerns. His preparation helped him feel confident and calm during the presentation.

Here are a few additional ideas for staying prepared:

  • Prepare talking points in advance
  • Talk about your accomplishments
  • Demonstrate organization
  • Display strong time management skills

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