Weather and Seasons Spanish Vocabulary: Practice Activity

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  • 0:06 What are the Seasons…
  • 0:56 Autumn in Madrid
  • 1:39 Winter in Madrid
  • 2:12 Spring in Madrid
  • 2:46 Summer at Last!
  • 3:17 Reading Practice
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
In this lesson, you will continue practicing the weather phrases in Spanish. In addition, you will learn the different seasons of the year. Take advantage of all the opportunities to practice speaking and reading Spanish!

What Are the Seasons in Spanish?

In this lesson, you will practice using phrases to talk about the weather while watching the adventures of Javier. He's all packed for a study abroad trip to Madrid. He will be gone one year, and even though he thinks it will go by fast, his mother can't imagine all four seasons passing without her son at home!

Ay! El otoño sin mi hijo! El invierno sin mi hijo! La primavera sin mi hijo! El verano sin mi hijo!

Sí, mamá. Un año: el otoño, el invierno, la primavera y el verano. Pero no te precoupes, te mando muchos correos electrónicos. !Adiós!

Autumn in Madrid

Javier is enjoying Madrid and all it has to offer. He has already been to the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. Javier finally sits down to write his mom an email. Try and guess what weather phrases Javier will use in his email before he writes them.

Hola mamá. Cómo estás? Estoy muy bien aquí en Madrid. El tiempo cambia cada día. A veces, hace viento. Y hoy, hace sol pero también está nublado. Te quiero. Tu hijo, Javier.

Translation: 'Hi mom. How are you? I am doing very well here in Madrid. Each day the weather is different. Sometimes, it's windy. Today, it's sunny, but also it's cloudy. I love you. Your son, Javier.'

Winter in Madrid

Javier was studying so much that he hardly noticed all the lights that began to decorate Madrid for the holiday season! He did, however, notice that the winter had arrived, along with the cold and snow.

Hola mamá. Estamos en diciembre, y hace frío. ¡Compré dos chaquetas nuevas! A veces, nieva y otros días hace mal tiempo. Con amor, Javier.

Translation: 'Hi mom. It's December, and it's cold. I bought two new jackets! Sometimes, it snows, and other days the weather is really bad. With love, Javier.'

Spring in Madrid

After a long winter, Javier was ready for the change of seasons and of course, spring break! He has visited El Parque del Retiro and the famous soccer stadium, Santiago Bernabeu. Although the weather has improved from winter, Javier is still waiting.

Hola mamá. Ya estamos en abril, pero hace fresco. Por la mañana hay niebla y llueve mucho. No te preocupes, compré paraguas. Javier.

Translation: 'Hi mom. It's April, but it's cool. In the morning, it's foggy, and it rains a lot. Don't worry, I bought an umbrella. Javier.'

Summer at Last!

Javier has finished his final exams and his study abroad program in Madrid. He can't believe it went by so fast but enjoyed his time in Spain's capital. After visiting a few more cities in Spain, he heads home where his mom is eagerly awaiting his arrival.

!Ay, mi hijo! Mira, aquí hace calor y siempre hace buen tiempo.

Translation: 'Ay, my son! Look, here it's hot, and it's always nice weather.'

Sí mama. No hay lugar como el hogar.

Translation: 'Yes, mom. There's no place like home.'

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