West Indies Map Games

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

Learning about maps can be a great way to get students involved and collaborating with each other. This lesson provides teachers with classroom maps games centered on the West Indies.

Maps as Teaching Tools

When you use maps as a teaching tool, your students have to use a variety of academic and social skills. This lesson highlights ways in which West Indies map games can be used to encourage students to use both critical and creative skills individually and in groups. The following games can be used as a stand-alone lesson or as part of a larger unit on the West Indies.

West Indies ID

This game will help your students familiarize themselves with the map of the West Indies through teamwork. To prepare, you will need to give students a map of the West Indies that does not include any country names. (You can also use white out to remove the names on a West Indies map and then make photocopies.)

  • Divide the class into small teams.
  • Give each team a West Indies map that doesn't include country names.
  • Tell students to use the reference materials available to them to fill-in the missing country information.
  • Remind students that this is a timed game and the team who correctly completes the map the quickest will win a prize.
  • Each team should label the following areas on the map:
  1. Bahamas (all islands)
  2. Cuba
  3. Jamaica
  4. Haiti
  5. Guyana
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Puerto Rico
  8. U.S. & UK Virgin Islands
  9. Leeward Islands (Anguilla, St. Martin, Saba, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda)
  10. Windward Islands (St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Grenada, Martinique)
  11. Suriname
  12. Trinidad & Tobago

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