'Wh' Questions for Speech Therapy Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

This asset offers multiple activities to assist children with understanding how to ask and answer 'Wh' questions like who, when and where. The activities can be used for individual or group practice.

'Wh' Question Activities

Many children and some adults need extra assistance with the 'Wh' sound. Asking 'Wh' questions, like who, when and where, can help people communicate and hear the sound pronounced correctly. The activities offered here are designed to be fun games that children experiencing difficulties can play to practice the concepts of answering and asking 'Wh' questions.


An early step in understanding question words is understanding which types of answers go with which type of question. This game will give children support with this concept.


  • Picture cards of people, places and time concepts with labels like the following:
    • A picture of a man labeled 'Mr. Bob'
    • A picture of a park labeled 'At the park'
    • A picture of snow labeled 'In the Winter'
  • Question cards showing the questions who, when and where


  • Place the picture cards in a grid pattern. Adjust the number of cards used to suit the skill level of the child.
  • Give the child the question cards.
  • Ask the child to sort the pictures into stacks based on each word so that when finished all the pictures will be under the appropriate question word. For example:
    • Who - the man
    • Where - the park
    • When - winter


  • Display the cards around your room and ask the child to find all the 'who' answers, etc.
  • If there are multiple children, you can assign each a question word or ask them to work together as a team.

Jump the Puddles

This game will give children practice at interpreting a typical daily scene while enjoying a fun, active game.


  • Blue paper
  • Lamination abilities
  • Large pictures of typical daily scenes, like:
    • A day at the beach
    • A school playground
    • A store
  • List of 'Wh' questions to ask in relation to the picture


  • Cut the paper into pond shapes and laminate them.
  • Place the ponds along the floor in a curvy path across the play area.


  • Show the child the picture.
  • Ask a 'Wh' question such as:
    • Who is holding a red box?
    • What is under the bench?
    • Where is the dog?
  • The child can either answer the question verbally or point to the answer on the picture.
  • With each correctly answered question, the child can advance one step across the puddles until reaching the end of the path.

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