What Are Project Management Skills? - Definition & Examples

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  • 0:00 What Is Project Management?
  • 1:19 A Project Manager's Skill Set
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

This lesson discusses the project management role in an organization. We will define this role and explore the skill set that many successful project managers possess.

What Is Project Management?

Trish has just graduated from college and is ready to start looking for her first job in the field of project management. She's confident that her business education and certifications qualify her to do the job, but she knows that she needs to demonstrate that she has the fundamental skills that employers require of project managers.

To develop her resume and prepare to ace her interviews, Trish decides to write down some of her skills and experiences that she believes will make her a great project manager. For starters, Trish has always prided herself on being very organized. She keeps good records and knows exactly where to find important information. Thus, organization is a skill she can offer a company.

Also, Trish is a great leader. Throughout college, she was involved in many organizations, some of which she was the leader. So, Trish can add effective leadership to her skill set. As she continues to complete her list, Trish is pleased to see that she can demonstrate that she possesses many of the skills that a company looks for when fulfilling project management positions.

In order to fully understand what skills are important for project management, let's first define what project management is. Project management is the utilization of skills in order to get a project from start to finish. So, throughout the remainder of this lesson, we will learn what those skills are.

A Project Manager's Skill Set

Let's look at some skills that are important for individuals who fulfill the role of project manager.

A crucial skill for project managers is to be knowledgeable about their organization, including its operations, products, and services. They must then be able to communicate that knowledge to customers, stakeholders, and, of course, other company and team members. So if Trish wants to be considered for a project management position, she needs to be able to do her homework on any company she interviews with to show basic knowledge. Then she can show how she has learned the internal workings of an organization in the past and communicated that knowledge to others for different purposes. She might explain that during college she was the leader of student organizations. She might provide examples of how she learned about the organization's functions and members, and how she communicated with her fellow officers and others to accomplish goals.

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