What are the Principles of Organization in Design?

Instructor: David Gloag

David has over 40 years of industry experience in software development and information technology and a bachelor of computer science

Design is important, and manufacturers look to improve the design process as much as they can. In this lesson, we'll take a look at design, and how the principles of organization relate to it.

A Key to Success

Businesses are driven by competition. Thusly, they compete for the right to sell us something. Car manufacturers want to sell us our next vehicle, home builders want to sell us our next house, and cell phone companies want to sell us our next phone. The barrage of advertising we wade through each day attests to this.However, it is not enough to simply put a product in an ad. If you want to sell products, and sell a lot of them, they must appeal to your target market in various respects. But how do you foster sales? How do you ensure success? There are several contributors to be sure, and one of the most significant is a stellar design.

What is Design?

Design is a process of creation. Specifically, it is the group of drawings, descriptions, and steps used to create something. For example, software developers design applications, civil engineers design roads, and accountants design tax strategies. Every item we see and use has a design. Some are quite simple, like that of a fork or spoon. And others are extremely complex, like the design of your cell phone. Design takes into account every characteristic that the object presents, for example; size, shape, weight, color, and surface. Great design optimizes each for tactile sensation, visual appeal, and utility.

How Does Organization Relate to Design?

In design, organization is used to indicate the spatial relationships between elements. Or in other words, how the elements of the design arranged with respect to each other. For example, consider your cell phone. A number of questions could be asked that could give you specific information about these spatial relationships:

  • Where are the buttons on the case located?
  • How big are the buttons?
  • Are they the same size and shape?
  • How big is the device?
  • And how big is the screen with respect to the entire device?

These questions, and others like them, give you a sense of the position and proportion of elements in the design.

What are the Principles of Organization in Design?

The ideas from the previous section can be formalized into six principles. They are as follows:

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