What do Horses Eat? - Lesson for Kids

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Binish Shingari

Binish has internship field work experience in classroom guidance lessons as a Professional School Counselor and has a Master's of Education in School Counseling.

Horses eat many different foods, like grass and fruit. Horses need to maintain a balanced diet in order to be healthy and have energy. In this lesson, you will learn all about what horses eat.


Have you ever thought about what horses eat? Most people generally think that the only meals horses eat are grass and hay. It is true that these foods should make up the greatest part of a horse's diet. Horses usually graze all day long, eating a little bit now, then a little bit more later, and then a little bit more a few hours later!

Some horses do just fine only eating grass and hay; however, some horses eat concentrates as well. Concentrates are a mixture of grains, such as corn and oats. They often have vitamins and minerals added to them to make them more nutritious. Concentrates are especially important for horses that work a lot because it gives them the extra nutrition they need to do their job.

Think about a normal day, when all you have to do is clean your room and wash the dishes after having a normal dinner. Then, think about a busy day, when you have to go to school, then play in your soccer game, then do your homework and get ready for school the next day. On that busy day, you might eat some extra nutritious food after your soccer game to stay healthy and regain your energy. It's the same for horses: if they do a lot of exercise, they might need to eat concentrates.


What is your favorite fruit or vegetable? Chances are that horses will also love whatever you chose! Just like people, horses love a good fruit and vegetable snack. They chomp on apples, carrots, peaches (without the pit!), lettuce, and more of the same fruits and vegetables that you also love. But, horses should not eat foods like tomatoes, potatoes, or broccoli.

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