What is a Customer Experience Director?

Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

Companies are becoming more and more customer focused. In other words, companies realize the importance of loyal customers. Some companies even designate a Customer Experience Director to facilitate the entire customer experience. This lesson will describe, in detail, the responsibilities of a Customer Experience Director.

What is a Customer Experience Director?

Companies are realizing the importance of the customer experience. Terms such as customer experience management and customer loyalty are becoming commonplace in the business world. Previously, companies have developed teams or committees that are specifically devoted to the customer experience. Now, companies are going a step further and devoting one person to the customer experience. A Customer Experience Director is an employee who is primarily focused on the customer's needs.

The Customer Experience Director: A Company-Wide Approach

Does company management truly put customers at the center of every decision made for the company? This question is the driving force behind why companies are finding the need to hire a Customer Experience Director. The ability to strategize prioritizing customers is a unique skill. Many companies hire consultants to take on this task, while others prefer a full-time employee, or Customer Experience Director. Why hire this position to run the customer experience throughout the whole company? It's simple. Creating this position brings a new perspective that can bridge the gap between all departments in the company and its customers. For example, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) might have a production manager that is excellent in his current role. The CEO has considered him for the Customer Experience Director role. However, this manager may have tunnel vision when it comes to areas outside of production. While he may focus on the customer in his particular area, it might be difficult for him to be in charge of customer experience for the entire company. Therefore, it's best that the CEO hire an individual who can conceptualize the customer experience across all levels of the company.

Responsibilities of a Customer Experience Director

What are the responsibilities and duties for this position? First, a Customer Experience Director would educate the CEO on the customer experience. This information will assist the CEO in making decisions with the customer in mind. For example, if the CEO is looking at making changes to departments or processes, the customer experience director would help to inform the CEO of how those changes would impact the customer. Ultimately all decisions in a company can have an impact on the customer and that is why the customer experience director is there to guide the CEO. Another important job duty includes strategizing how each department's functions provide for an optimal customer experience. The customer experience director helps to bridge any gaps between departments and focus on how each department can provide a better customer experience. Overall, the Customer Experience Director is responsible for changing the company culture to become more customer centric.

Customer Experience Director for Dale

Now, let's put what we learned about Customer Experience Directors to practice.

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