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  • 0:04 Customer Experience Manager
  • 1:45 Customer Life Cycle
  • 2:56 Identify Areas for Improvement
  • 3:36 Making Improvement Suggestions
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
What makes a customer experience great? Who monitors it? This lesson defines a customer experience manager, their role within an organization, some common duties, and how they can enhance the customer experience.

Customer Experience Manager

Sylvain's days are packed full of reading customer evaluation surveys, checking social media, following up with customers who have made complaints, and looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction. As the customer experience manager (CEM), it is Sylvain's task to ensure that the organization is successful at meeting or exceeding customer expectations. He does this by measuring and evaluating the company's interactions with customers and looking for ways to improve satisfaction.

Sylvain has three main CEM responsibilities:

  1. Managing customer loyalty: Sylvain must track whether or not customers stay loyal to his company and determine ways to increase loyalty.
  2. Customer value management: It is Sylvain's job to make sure that customers feel like the products or services they have purchased are of good value and worth the money.
  3. Customer relationship management: Sylvain is also in charge of tracking and evaluating the relationships that customers have with the company, and constantly works to improve the relationship between the company and the customer.

These core tasks can be completed in various ways depending on the kind of company Sylvain works for. However, some of his core methods to evaluating loyalty, value, and customer relationships include:

  • Evaluating the customer life cycle
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Making improvement suggestions

Each of these provides the CEM with information about the customer experience and assists in identifying which area of their core responsibilities needs the most attention.

Customer Life Cycle

Sylvain is always looking for patterns in the customer life cycle and trying to determine the quality of the customer experience from the first interaction with his company to the last. Sylvain uses a variety of tools to look for clues on how customers felt about their purchase, what their experience was like with the staff, and the likelihood that they will return.

Evaluating the customer experience across the customer life cycle is an important way to measure the customer experience and find out how well a company is doing.

Sylvain might look for things like the customer retention rate, or how long the customer stays with the company. He'll also want to know how often customers return. Do they come daily? Weekly? Monthly? In addition, he'll also ask questions like, 'Do daily interactions with customers take too long? Or, are they on track?' 'How long do customers stay on hold if they call?' And, 'How quickly does the company deal with complaints?'

When the CEM looks at the interactions with the customers across the customer life cycle, he or she can identify where the company is doing well and where they need to improve.

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