What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Instructor: Laura Gray

Laura has taught at the secondary and tertiary levels for 20+ years and has a Ph.D. in Instructional Design for Online Learning.

In this lesson, we will define what a Learning Management System is, speak in detail about the many things that a Learning Management System can do, and describe what you can do with particular features of a LMS.

Learning Management What??

Learning Management System. Sounds pretty complicated, doesn't it? At first glance, the words look really 'techy' and like something that only a seasoned computer guru would know anything about. However, that's not true. A Learning Management System, or LMS for short, is simply an online tool that helps you track, administer, and deliver an online or face-to-face course. LMS's have been around for awhile, but in the last decade or so, they have really grown in popularity in response to all of the corporate training and online learning that has been taking place all over the world.

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Advantages to training and corporate systems

LMS's do a huge number of things, and they can really help a training system within a corporation, university, or just about anywhere else. Listed below are just some of the things that they can do:

  • Help an organization track who has taken a class or training and who still needs it
  • Track how people performed in a class
  • Allow organizations to create tools to track a variety of assessments in a class
  • Help to create training schedules
  • Help to conduct skill assessments for individuals or for entire classes
  • Help to create certification and recognition programs
  • Serve as a repository for content
  • Allow individuals and groups to share documents
  • Give organizations a centralized place to store all of the above information

What can participants do with an LMS?

Excellent question. The short answer, again, is LOTS OF THINGS. Individuals who are tied into, or who have access to, an LMS, can do many things within the platform. Listed below are just some of the features for individuals of a typical LMS:

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