What is a Logo? - Design & Development

Instructor: Rana Abourizk

Rana has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Doctorial Degree. She has been teaching online for over a year. She has a strong business background.

Businesses need to come up with a sort of sign to be identifiable in a market. This sign or logo is what we will discuss today. We will go over the design and development of a logo.


Cindy is in marketing class. She has a project due in two weeks. Her project requires her to select an existing business and develop a sign or logo for that business, something that is eye-catching to the audience. The business Cindy selects sells natural foods. She asks her friend Mark, 'What do I have to do to make this logo for this business?' She asks Mark, who works in advertising, to help her come up with the design.

A logo is a design that is used to make the business recognizable and tells the audience what the business stands for. It usually consists of a single symbol that instantly makes people think of a specific business.

Mark tells Cindy to think of McDonald's. A good logo is very recognizable. The colors McDonald's uses for its logo are red and yellow because those colors have a psychological effect on people. The color red attracts attention and yellow symbolizes joy and kindness. The person who made the McDonald's logo probably figured out that if he made the M yellow it would stand out more. So Mark tells Cindy that logos are well thought out. They often have a psychology behind them. You should know your audience and your company very well before developing the logo.

Design & Development

Cindy's first step in designing a logo is to know the business. She needs to know the history of the business, what would be a good description for the business, and what the brand is. Only then can Cindy try to come up with drafts of logo ideas to find the best one. Luckily, she has Mark to assist her as well. They continue to work together to find the best design for the company. Cindy chose a natural foods company. The founders believe in giving customers the best products. They also believe in recycling and helping the community. Cindy and Mark have enough information about the company to formulate a logo. The next step is making it.

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