What is a Night Audit? - Duties & Procedures

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ian Lord

Ian has an MBA and is a real estate investor, former health professions educator, and Air Force veteran.

A hotel night auditor is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of hotel accounting records at the end of each business day. In this lesson, let's examine the duties and procedures of Jerry, a night auditor for a busy hotel in a resort town.

Night Auditor Duties

Jerry, as the night auditor of a hotel, is responsible for completing a number of administrative and financial tasks to ensure the accuracy of hotel accounting at the end of each business day. Like many night auditors, Jerry also has additional duties delegated from his supervisors. Let's take a look at the core duties of Jerry's job as a night auditor as well as some of the other duties he might be tasked with.

Core Duties

The core duties of Jerry's job as the night auditor focus on reconciling hotel accounting records and ensuring their accuracy. He updates guest billing records for room charges, food service, taxes, and any other expenses that were not recorded by day shift cashiers. Jerry must be able to apply any vouchers, coupons, or credits to a guest's account and process credit cards, checks, or cash receipts. This is often done with the aid of a computer software suite known as property management software. This software can help Jerry identify any discrepancy issues, such as the totals from room service charges not being equal to the amount billed to the guests.

Jerry also prepares accounting reports for the management team. These reports show information such as the occupancy percentage, revenues per room, and effectiveness of any promotional or special deals the hotel offers. These figures provide a daily analysis of how the hotel is performing financially. He creates a summary sheet detailing the amounts and kinds of revenues generated throughout the day from different activities such as room charges, food service, or ancillary fees such as parking, vending, or Internet access. These reports also detail the breakdown of payments depending on the method of payment by cash, check, or credit card.

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