What Is a Promethean Board?

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Derek Hughes

Derek has a Masters of Science degree in Teaching, Learning & Curriculum.

Promethean Boards are a type of technology being integrated into classrooms more frequently. This lesson will introduce you to the Promethean Board and help you see why it's becoming such a valuable tool.


While it may have a slightly intimidating and mysterious name, a Promethean Board is actually an incredibly useful piece of technology you might find in your classroom today. To put it simply, a Promethean Board is a specific brand of interactive whiteboard that allows you to project an image from a laptop or a computer, as well as interact with the board through touch or specialized pens. There are many brands of interactive white boards and studies show that their use considerably improves learning. Let's go through some of its advantages in more detail.


Through a connection to a laptop computer or tablet, whatever is displayed on the device will be made bigger and shown on the blank Promethean Board. This way, you can show your class videos or websites, maybe take them on a Google tour of the Amazon.

The Promethean Board can also come with a peripheral device that resembles an overhead camera. This is useful for working on a page in a workbook or textbook together with the whole class or displaying an image that would be impractical if held up in front of the students.

Interactive Uses

The Promethean Board, while useful as a projector when connected to a computer or the external camera, really shows its usefulness when used as an interactive whiteboard. The interactive aspect of the Promethean Board means that it can use a pen-like device or even a finger to draw on top of what is projected. Either you, as the teacher, or students can write or draw on the Promethean Board (digitally, of course).

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