What is a Six Sigma Champion?

Instructor: Brianna Whiting
There are many different roles at most large companies. Some are in charge of financial issues, some are in charge of hiring employees, and others lead projects. In this lesson you'll learn one of the key roles involved with company projects.

Six Sigma Basics

The goal of every company is to make money. They do so by providing goods or services that consumers want. While consumers play a large role in the amount of money a company generates, there are also some behind the scenes practices that help as well. Perhaps one of the more popular practices that more and more companies are turning to is a method known as six sigma. Six sigma is simply a company's way of trying to get as close to perfection as possible by means of eliminating defects from their processes. In other words, companies try to get all of the snags out of any processes that happen within the company so that the flow is smooth, costs are lowered, and profits are maximized.

Six Sigma Champion

While it would be great if every individual within a company was qualified to implement and practice every single six sigma method, for many companies there are only a select few that actually possess these characteristics. To be certain that the individuals in charge of tightening up any processes within the company are qualified, the individuals are often sent to training. There are many different levels of six sigma certification, however, one of the most basic of all certification is that of Champion.

A six sigma Champion is an individual that understands what six sigma is and how this type of management works, but isn't quite ready to act as a project team lead. Champions are able to participate on and work with members of the executive committee, but still need to develop quantitative skills. While they cannot act as project team lead, they do fulfill various other leadership roles. For example, they take the lead in choosing projects and members to lead those projects, and lead other individuals in the organization that are unfamiliar with six sigma making them resourceful without having to ask for help from members that are higher in the company. Should the Champion decide to advance within the certification of six sigma, they can move upwards to a Green Belt, which is followed by a Black Belt, and lastly concluded with a Master Black Belt.

Duties of Champions

So what does a Champion do? What are their roles and duties? The following is a list of some of the more important tasks a Champion completes.

1. Understands and knows which project they are responsible for. This means they can identify their own projects within a company. Choosing a project can be a scary process because they do not want to fail. However, with Champion certification, an individual should be able to recognize what projects need to be completed and assign them.

2. Create objectives for their projects. Champions are capable of knowing what needs to be accomplished with the project they are working with.

3. They are able to choose a good leader for their project. Often that leader is a Black Belt.

4. A large role they fulfill is removing barriers and roadblocks. This means that they are able to identify barriers that may prevent the project from being completed and then remove them. Without this skill many project may sit idle or be in jeopardy of not being completed during the designated timeline.

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