What Is a Virtual Meeting? - Technology & Strategies

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  • 0:02 Virtual Meeting: Defined
  • 0:41 A Virtual Star Wars Meeting
  • 1:29 So How Is This Possible?
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Raymond Blockmon

Raymond has earned a bachelor's degree in computer information systems and a master's degree in organizational leadership.

A virtual meeting allows people and businesses from around the world to connect using video-teleconference software. Virtual meetings use video, audio, and text messaging technology for communication.

Virtual Meeting: Defined

A virtual meeting is when people around the world, regardless of their location, use video, audio, and text to link up online. Virtual meetings allow people to share information and data in real-time without being physically located together. Virtual meetings use video-teleconference (VTC) software, such as Microsoft's Skype, Adobe's Connect and Google's Hangouts, to name a few. In this lesson, we will cover how VTCs are employed and what capabilities they bring to people and organizations who wish to use them.

A Virtual Star Wars Meeting

In the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the emperor by the name of Darth Sidious who is light years away from his pupil Darth Vader, appears as a hologram to him. Darth Sidious instructs his villainous student to track the young Luke Skywalker and bring him to the Dark Side. This was a virtual meeting - even before the Internet was available - how awesome is that!

Essentially, this scene describes a virtual meeting - bringing people together in cyberspace to collaborate, share ideas and data - all online. Think of all the organizations and big name technology giants, like Microsoft and Google, that use virtual meetings to bring people from around the world together to communicate. Even schools are employing this technology.

So How Is This Possible?

So how is this possible? Video-teleconference, or VTC, allows people to meet together in real time using video, audio and text messaging. Some of the most popular software applications that are used are Microsoft's Skype and Adobe Connect. These software applications use user datagram protocol (UDP), which streams the audio and video packets to all participants. With UDP, there is no validation if the information was received by the distant end. UDP is designed to send the packets of audio and video data to the participants as fast as it can.

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