What is an Affidavit of Truth? - Definition & Example

Instructor: Jessica Mercado

I completed my BA in Criminal Justice in 2015. Currently working on my MS in Homeland Security Management.

Some individuals in the United States consider themselves sovereign citizens. They do not conform to the laws enforced by the U.S. government. How are they able to do this? Learn about the affidavit of truth and how it is part of the process of becoming a sovereign citizen.

Becoming a Sovereign Citizen

What if one day you decide you no longer want to conform to the obligations required to be a U.S. citizen? What process would you have to take to no longer be legally controlled by any form of government? Creating an affidavit of truth and signing it, is how individuals become sovereign citizens, individuals who revoke any rights of a U.S. citizen and is no longer legally under the power of any form of U.S. government.

Explaining Affidavit of Truth

Let's go in depth of what an affidavit of truth actually is. The simple definition is that it is a document that an individual signs to declare himself a sovereign citizen. But what is a sovereign citizen? It is an individual who denies that any form of U.S. government has any legal authority over him or her. Basically, the individual is not obligated to follow the laws put forth by the U.S. government. However, these individuals still hold the constitutional law in high esteem and will follow any of its laws that pertain to individuals. The reason for this is that the constitutional laws have sections pertaining to lesser powers for any form of government over its citizens.

The document also states that the individual is not considered an inhabitant living in the U.S., their land is their own, and not the governments. The individual also disregards their social security number because it is assigned by the government as a tracing mechanism. When the affiant, the individual writing the affidavit, signs the affidavit, they also state that the government did not give them the right to vote, have a driver's license, use of banks, and registering their children into schools. They state that the government forced them to participate in these things and they only did them to survive and to avoid harassment by the government. The affiant also will state in the affidavit, that even though they completed the mentioned actions, it does not mean they submit to government authority.

The Downfall of Becoming a Sovereign Citizen.

Let's look back at the introduction example, where you decided to become a sovereign citizen. You created and signed your affidavit of truth, now what? Now, you are under no obligation to follow the law. You no longer have a social security number because you are not considered a citizen. You don't pay taxes and you don't have a driver's license or a legitimate job. Life seems pretty nice, doesn't it? There are some benefits you no longer have access to, once you become a citizen. You no longer can drive legally because you do not have a driver's license. Only U.S. citizens can have a license. In the case of a serious event, the United States is no longer under any obligation to provide you protection or aid. Since you are no longer a citizen, you can no longer legally obtain work. Due to all these obstacles mentioned, a sovereign citizen may engage in criminal acts in order to earn money.

Would you want to be a sovereign citizen?

Criminal Acts that Occur After Signing an Affidavit of Truth

As a sovereign citizen may find out, after signing their affidavit of truth, they lose certain benefits reserved for U.S. citizens. One of those benefits is the ability to work legally in the United States. They still need to make a living to survive, so how do they do that? A sovereign citizen may go around doing seminars about how to become sovereign. These seminars could include how to avoid paying taxes. There will be a fee to attend the event, and that is how the sovereign citizen will make their money.

Another technique they will use is white collar crime, or financially motivated, nonviolent crimes. This could include mortgage fraud. The sovereign citizen may find vulnerable targets for fraud, by contacting reality agents. They will purchase the house using fake financial documents, then sell the house for higher than market value. Once the house is purchased, the sovereign citizen will run off with the money or use it to fund other activities.

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