What Is Asperger's Syndrome in Children? - Symptoms, Definition & Treatment

Instructor: Diane Davis
Learn about the common symptoms exhibited by individuals diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder called Asperger's syndrome. Test your new knowledge with a quiz.

What is Asperger's Syndrome?

Those on the more high-functioning side of the autism spectrum with deficits in social functioning usually get a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome.

Asperger's syndrome is the mildest form of autism. Children with this condition have difficulties in social communication, social interaction, and social imagination. Children with Asperger's syndrome tend not to understand sarcasm or jokes and take everything you say very literally. They exhibit concrete thinking and are very rule-oriented.

Fixation on routine is a common symptom.

Children with Asperger's have difficulty coping with stress, confusion, and frustration. Predictability is important to people with this syndrome. Those with Asperger's often depend on routines to get through the day, and can become very upset if their routines are interrupted; children may have meltdowns if their routines are changed. They are prone to emotional upset if something does not go right or as planned.

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