What Is Career Management and Development? - Definition and Purpose

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Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo

Jennifer Lombardo received both her undergraduate degree and MBA in marketing from Rowan University. She spent ten years in consumer marketing for companies such as Nielsen Marketing Research, The Dial Corporation and Mattel Toys. She is currently an adjunct professor of marketing at Rowan University and a social media marketing consultant.

A company's programs, workshops and counseling that help employees manage their careers is their Career Management and Development System. Explore its purpose, and benefits for the employee, managers, and organization at large. Updated: 09/17/2021

Career Management and Development

Jackie recently was hired in a marketing position for a toy company called Cheap-O-Fun Games. She was very excited about her new position and planned on moving up the corporate ladder to CEO. According to the human resource department at the toy company, her ambitious goals were achievable. They were very supportive of developing their own employees' careers.

The company has established career management and development systems, where they offer programs, counseling, planning and workshops to help employees manage their careers. Managers, employees and organizations can benefit from having a sophisticated career management and development program in place.

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Benefits for Managers

Managers want to improve their own overall marketability and skills. Career development and management systems can benefit managers by enhancing, building and developing individuals to become better supervisors and prepare them for higher-level positions. In addition, they can increase manager morale, motivation, communication and skill sets that will, in turn, improve overall job commitment and productivity.

Finally, programs can prepare specific groups of managers for specialized talents and task forces. At the toy company, Jackie's two managers attend workshops to improve their managerial, writing, presenting and communicating skills. The toy company recently decided to venture into technology games. The spinoff toy line needed skilled managers to develop and market the products. Cheap-O invested heavily into their star managers by sending them to technology camps, so they could master the skills necessary to launch the new line.

Benefits for Employees

Employees should also have a career management and development program. Subordinates need to be challenged and have direction within their daily job. A career development program can help provide employees direction with career decisions and changes. It can also increase communication between management and employees. In addition, the program can create a sense of personal achievement and job satisfaction, by providing excellent feedback on performance.

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