What is Content Strategy?

Instructor: Kasandra Lane
Understanding the importance of content strategy is something that we should all understand in order to be able to share information. This lesson is going to give you the basics of content strategy.

When you are working on the content of a paper or presentation, your goal is to make sure you have appealed to your audience by having relevant and easy to understand content. This may seem like a simple idea; however, when done incorrectly, you and your audience will be very displeased with the outcome. Having a content strategy is what will help ensure that you meet both of these needs.

Content Strategy

What is content strategy?

We constantly prepare content in some aspect daily. Have you ever considered the strategy in the development of relevant content? Content strategy focuses on the planning, development, and delivery of your content. It is important to remember that the content does not stop with only the text of your message. It includes text, images, and the way you choose to deliver your content as well.

What about the relevance of your content?

How do you know what content is relevant and what is irrelevant? Consider your audience and your message, and make the two correlate. You need to direct your content to your audience and make sure you make your content meaningful to them as much as possible. Consider why you chose the content you have. Make sure the content you have hits all necessary points of your message. The more you can connect with your audience, the more they will get from the content of the message.

This content process may be helpful:

  1. Develop a strategy: meaning consider each aspect of your content - why are you doing putting this content together, what makes this content relevant to your specific audience, and do you feel like there is enough content to cover the overall message? Consider these questions when trying to build your necessary points.
  2. Plan: plan your points in an order that makes sense to your audience. The order of your points is very important to ensure your content is clear and direct.
  3. Create: create your content and make sure it flows to help make a clear message.
  4. Revise: remember that if your audience changes, you must make your content match your audience.

When you follow this process, it will help you meet all necessary requirements for any message. It will also help you make sure that all of your content is clear, concise and audience oriented.

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